Friday, April 19, 2019

Keys to Scouting and Youth Leadership

New Book Available Now: Keys to Scouting and Youth Leadership

A few years ago, I was conducting a Scout board of review.  As was my practice at the end of such boards, I asked a question of the Scout being reviewed.  I invited him to question us, “Do you have any questions for us?” I asked.   He just looked at me for a few seconds and then his answer surprised me.  He said, “How OLD are you?”  I don’t know how old he thought I was but from the look on his face, he must have thought that I camped with Baden-Powell on Brownsea Island.  Sometimes it feels as if that was the case.

While I admit that I am not old enough to have camped with Baden-Powell, I have definitely been around the block a bit in Scouting.  With my veteran status, I can look back and say that I have held almost every Scouting position.  And that equates to a lot of Scouting.  And with that, along my Scouting Trail, I have gained a lot of experience.  Sometimes knowledge and wisdom come best with experience.

Along with my own personal Scouting service, I have also had opportunity to view a whole lot of Scouting boys, units and leaders as they have played the game of Scouting.  I have seen some bad units that didn’t quite have the vision of Scouting and were thus quite under-whelming.  I have seen mediocre units that just kind of skipped from one program or event to another.  And I have also been honored to see some Scouting packs, troops, teams and crews (and even districts) that have really known how to do it up right.  So, with that opportunity I’ve had to view Scouting and how it is best accomplished, I have come up with my own top ten things – keys - that seem to be a common denominator for success in the program.  (And experience also tells me that these same principles or keys can be applied to make any youth program (church, school, etc. successful).  For years, I have taught these principles, but now have compiled them into my new book.  I hope that you will check them out, purchase the new book, and give these keys a try.  I think that they will work well for you and the youth under your charge.  So, get the keys and go for it – unlock a world of limitless exciting programs, activities, and joy as you implement the vision of Scouting!

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