Friday, July 19, 2013


By now, you may have heard of my new book entitled, "Scouting in the LDS Church - A Centennial History".  I am pleased to announce that this book has just gone to press.  Many people pre-ordered the book (thank you!) but there are a limited number of copies still available.  Order now for delivery soon after August 1st!  See the drop-down menu to the right to order.  Cost is $38 and this includes shipping.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


On May 23rd, The Boy Scouts of America voted to make a membership change to allow all youth to participate in the Boy Scout program - while maintaining strong conviction to Duty to God.

Following the passing of the resolution, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reaffirmed its century-old strong association with the Boy Scouts of America.  You can read a new book, "Scouting in the LDS Church - A Centennial History" - which is available now - and in reading the book, you will know and feel of the Church's commitment to Scouting and the youth of our nation.  You can see how the new change fits with the Church association with Scouting over the past century and you can know that the Church will move forward with the BSA into the 2nd Century.

See the book Foreword information on this website and read the words by Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone, Former General Young Men President.  Orders are being taken now for a limited edition of a hardbound book.  Order on this site by July 4th - through the drop-down menu or direct with a check to Kevin V. Hunt at PO Box 8795, Mesa, AZ  85214
Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone, former General Young Men President for the Church has written a Foreword for the new book, "Scouting in the LDS Church - A Centennial History". 

Writing for the Foreword, Elder Featherstone said: 

Here you have the finest history of Scouting in the Church ever written.  The research was impeccable.   It contains some of the greatest quotes of some of the greatest leaders of the Kingdom in this dispensation.   It is a treasury of the greatest Scouters, concepts, philosophies, principles and especially History of Boy Scouts of America and the Church.  This book is a classic and should be on every Bishop and Stake President’s shelf.
Book - "Scouting in the LDS Church - A Centennial History" is available now.  I am taking final orders for a limited edition with a hardbound volume.  Orders must be received by July 4th, 2013.  You may order copies on this blog.  See the drop down menu at the right.  You may pay on the site with Paypal or send me a check direct to Kevin V. Hunt, PO Box 8795, Mesa, AZ  85204.  Cost is $38 if you need the copy mailed to you.  If you live around Mesa, Arizona and can come to get it, the cost is $30.   Order must be paid for in advance in order to get a hardbound copy.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Newly Revised Scouting History Book

Twenty years ago, I wrote a book about the great LDS/Scouting Partnership - of Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anyway, I have just updated the book to bring it to the second century and to make it truly a Centennial Book – to go with the Church’s LDS-BSA Centennial Celebration this year (May 2013).  The book is now called “Scouting in the LDS Church – A Centennial History”.

There are several changes to this newly updated book.
85 new source documents! (as listed in the Bibliography)
Spacing and repagination makes a much easier to read version
Bold subheadings throughout the book for easy reference
Truly a “Centennial History”
Quotes or mentions Pres. Monson 80 times!
Chapters are revised – almost all of them (chapter order also revised)
Addition of three new chapters: “Doing our Duty to God”, “Mountain-top Experiences”, and “Scouting is Here to Stay”
Book – with repagination, etc. is now 300 pages!

I am soon placing an order for a limited hard-bound edition.  I invite you to order a copy of the new book.  Orders may be placed at the right of this blogsite.  Use the pull-down menu and select the proper book and then you can pay through Paypal.

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