Friday, December 30, 2016

The Fun, Adventure and Romance of Scouting

“FUN, ADVENTURE, AND ROMANCE …”  One of the Youth Leadership professors at Brigham Young University – the college I attended, talked extensively to us about the “Fun, Adventure, and Romance” of Scouting.  “Adventure,” he said, “Is when you do something for the first time.  “Fun” is when you repeat the adventure and still enjoy it.  And “Romance” is the Spirit of Scouting, the classy experiences that tie you to the program. Romance keeps you coming back for more fun and adventure.”    Read the full blog:  The Fun, Adventure and Romance of Scouting

Blogging Articles to be Posted - Read and Enjoy

Over the past year I have blogged many Scouting subjects - and on three different blogsites.  I would like to repost these articles and I invite you to peruse the articles as I post them on this Scouting Trails blogsite.