Thursday, November 24, 2016

I'm so Grateful I'm in Scouting

It was Thanksgiving and as I counted my blessings, I recognized Scouting and my years of involvement with it as one of my greatest of blessings. I decided to put some of my feelings into poetic prose. This is what I wrote on The Scouting Trail blogsite:

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dean Hunt Youth Leader Extraordinaire

Some of you may remember Dean Hunt - my brother. Dean died as the Westwood Junior Class President but touched the hearts of everyone through his caring and dynamic leadership. Dean was the Junior Class President and was known by everyone at his Westwood High School. A great leader, he triumphed even through cancer. Though facing death, Dean teaches us to have faith in God's plan for each of us, to love life, to be a friend, to face life (and death) with guts, to be a man of character, to believe in ourselves, to share and to serve, to "go for it" and to "hang in there". The lessons of Dean! This book tells of his triumph through his cancer and ultimate death. The book contains his journal kept just before his death - and my own biographical information on Dean. I have just published "Dean!" on Amazon. Check it out at