Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Newly Revised Scouting History Book

Twenty years ago, I wrote a book about the great LDS/Scouting Partnership - of Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anyway, I have just updated the book to bring it to the second century and to make it truly a Centennial Book – to go with the Church’s LDS-BSA Centennial Celebration this year (May 2013).  The book is now called “Scouting in the LDS Church – A Centennial History”.

There are several changes to this newly updated book.
85 new source documents! (as listed in the Bibliography)
Spacing and repagination makes a much easier to read version
Bold subheadings throughout the book for easy reference
Truly a “Centennial History”
Quotes or mentions Pres. Monson 80 times!
Chapters are revised – almost all of them (chapter order also revised)
Addition of three new chapters: “Doing our Duty to God”, “Mountain-top Experiences”, and “Scouting is Here to Stay”
Book – with repagination, etc. is now 300 pages!

I am soon placing an order for a limited hard-bound edition.  I invite you to order a copy of the new book.  Orders may be placed at the right of this blogsite.  Use the pull-down menu and select the proper book and then you can pay through Paypal.

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