Sunday, July 23, 2017

Army Veteran comes as Scoutmaster to Thunder Ridge Scout Camp

We had a unique Scoutmaster come to our Thunder Ridge Scout Camp.  Army veteran, Travis Wood, came despite major physical challenges.  Read his story here:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Warriors Came to Camp Thunder Ridge

While at the Thunder Ridge Scout Camp this summer, we were privileged to have a truly great troop come to our camp.  These guys seem to be doing everything right!  They really are impressive. l Read about them at

My Wife and I Began a New Adventure at Camp Thunder Ridge 2018

We (my wife, Lou, and I) are serving for the summer at the Thunder Ridge Scout Camp located in Southern Utah.  We are having quite the adventures as the Brian Head fire made us evacuate the camp.  And so we have been wandering around ever since.  We are having a grand time in spite of the exciting adventures and challenges.  Read about our adventures on these blog articles:

I was the first Program Director at this same Thunder Ridge Scout Camp 40 years ago.  Check out my memories of that camp 40 years ago.  Here is the link:

Our 2017 Adventure begins at Thunder Ridge:

A Big Fish Story at The Thunder Ridge Scout Camp:

This blog begins to tell the story of our Brian Head fire and the evacuation of Lou and me from the camp:

After our evacuation from Thunder Ridge, some of the Thunder Ridge staff and I migrated to the Scofield Scout Camp near Price, Utah for a week.  Read about our adventures:

The Camp Staff at any Scout camp makes the program and is the energy and excitement for the great programs.  This article is a tribute to those young staffers:

Other blog articles have been written are pending editorial review and will likely be published soon. So, stay tuned for more of our summer adventure at the Thunder Ridge Scout Camp.