Friday, December 30, 2016

The Fun, Adventure and Romance of Scouting

“FUN, ADVENTURE, AND ROMANCE …”  One of the Youth Leadership professors at Brigham Young University – the college I attended, talked extensively to us about the “Fun, Adventure, and Romance” of Scouting.  “Adventure,” he said, “Is when you do something for the first time.  “Fun” is when you repeat the adventure and still enjoy it.  And “Romance” is the Spirit of Scouting, the classy experiences that tie you to the program. Romance keeps you coming back for more fun and adventure.”    Read the full blog:  The Fun, Adventure and Romance of Scouting

Blogging Articles to be Posted - Read and Enjoy

Over the past year I have blogged many Scouting subjects - and on three different blogsites.  I would like to repost these articles and I invite you to peruse the articles as I post them on this Scouting Trails blogsite.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I'm so Grateful I'm in Scouting

It was Thanksgiving and as I counted my blessings, I recognized Scouting and my years of involvement with it as one of my greatest of blessings. I decided to put some of my feelings into poetic prose. This is what I wrote on The Scouting Trail blogsite:

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dean Hunt Youth Leader Extraordinaire

Some of you may remember Dean Hunt - my brother. Dean died as the Westwood Junior Class President but touched the hearts of everyone through his caring and dynamic leadership. Dean was the Junior Class President and was known by everyone at his Westwood High School. A great leader, he triumphed even through cancer. Though facing death, Dean teaches us to have faith in God's plan for each of us, to love life, to be a friend, to face life (and death) with guts, to be a man of character, to believe in ourselves, to share and to serve, to "go for it" and to "hang in there". The lessons of Dean! This book tells of his triumph through his cancer and ultimate death. The book contains his journal kept just before his death - and my own biographical information on Dean. I have just published "Dean!" on Amazon. Check it out at

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Camp Bartlett New then Old and Now New Again

For all who are friends of Camp Bartlett in Idaho, you might want to check out my latest blog about the camp and the original construction of the "New Lodge" - and now the renovation of it - after a generation of Scouts have used it. I was the first Camp Director to use the new lodge. It has been remade and will be rededicated on Saturday, June 25th. Check out the blog!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Check our Kevin's Blogsites for New Scouting Ideas and History

I write each week now for three different Scouting blogsites. I invite you to check out them all - and sign up with each council for regular updates as I write new articles: The Boy Scout (, The Voice of Scouting (, and The Scouting Trail ( Also, I'd love comments from anyone who reads the articles.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unique Arizona Fauna

To those of us who live in Arizona and call it home, it is a beautiful state - unique in weather, flora and fauna.  I invite you to read the Arizona: A Regional Guide - in three parts.  This is Part 3 of the Series and focuses on the unique Arizona fauna of our great state of Arizona.  This article will publish soon on The Voice of Scouting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Production of the Century of Honor Book

Recently Nettie Francis posted an article on the LDS/BSA Website blog about how the "Century of Honor" book came to be. I was pleased to be a part of a team of historians who compiled the book. I invite you to read Nettie's article:

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Kevin Hunt is a Scouting Veteran, Camp Director and Author/Blogger.  You can now read his Scouting blogs weekly on three Scouting blogsites.  Read this article to learn of him and his Scouting heritage.


Here is an article for Scouting youth.  It talks of Kevin Hunt as he joined Scouting and became a "Gnubie" (a "new Scout) and how he loved being on the Scouting Trail.

Read the full article at:


Whether you are a green-horn Scouter or an experienced veteran, this article might help you.  It introduces 10 Keys to Scouting Success.
Check out the full article on the Voice of Scouting blogsite.


The Patrol Method is not only a Scouting method, it is the very KEY method for successful Scouting.  Read the full article on "The Voice of Scouting".  Here is the link for the complete article:

"100 Years of Scouting and What it has Made Me"

The Boy Scouts of America and the LDS/BSA Partnership are both over a hundred years old.  And as an old-timer, I have been around for over half of that 100 years.  It has been a grand adventure along my Scouting Trails.  Read the full article at

Also available on "The Boy Scout" at